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Our Neighbourhood: Sandy Hill

Historic Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill is a quiet and  fashionable residential area within easy walking distance of Ottawa's commercial and political centre. It has been that way since the 1800's! Back in the day, it was the neighbourhood for many powerful figues in Canadian and local politics and business. Many of the beautiful houses they built for their families still exist today manking Sandy Hill a wonderful place to be.

 In addition to Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Mackenzie King, a number of prominent political figures found Sandy Hill a desirable place to live: Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald and his wife, Agnes, lived in three different houses in Sandy Hill, the only one of which survives being the impressive stone house known as Stadacona Hall on Laurier Avenue, near Laurier House. Sir Charles Tupper, who became prime minister in 1896, lived a few streets away from Laurier House in the early 1870s. Sir Robert Borden, the man who defeated Sir Wilfrid Laurier in 1911 and led Canada during the First World War, lived in Sandy Hill as did Lester B. Pearson who owned a quaint Gothic cottage just around the corner from Laurier House. Pearson served as prime minister from 1963 to 1968

Few streets have as much Canadian history and politics as Daly Avenue. McGee's Inn gets it's name from John McGee who originally lived here.  From the late 1800 there lived:
• 3 Prime Ministers
• clerk of the Privy Council
• lawyer for John Whelan
• 6 fathers of Confederation
• several Superior Court judges
• mayors
• lumber barons
• doctors
• Lieutenant Governors
• a major Canadian poet
• and Canada's first woman Senator

No wonder this B&B is recommended in so many guide books. - Jean & Francoise Perrot, France

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"There is such exquisite charm in this lovely B&B. I am so glad to have had an opportunity to stay here.". - Tanya Kozak, Coquitlam, BC

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