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We stayed there over Canada Day yet again. I can't say enough good things. The room was fantastic, the Inn is very close to Parliament Hill and the Market, and the food was great. - Doug Cambell, Montreal

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Shrimp Salad

March 16, 2014 - Recipes



This is a recipe I learned at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School. This is not on the menu at McGee's Inn, but it is certainly something anyone could make for a brunch or luncheon.

De-shell shrimp - you can use the skins latter for more flavour
When you poach shrimp just pour court bouillon (see below) over shrimp and let sit

*  20 pcs shrimp
*  1 court bouillon (see below) (wine, shrimp skins and onion)

*  100 g mayonnaise
*  .5 pc melon & cantalope or melon balls
*  curry power to taste

*  25 pc melon
*  50 g mesclun
*  8 br chives

Put shrimp over ice to cool
Sprinkle curry powder over shrimp
Add mayonnaise and salt & pepper
Pour olive oil and maple syrup over melon

Place on bed of greens - shrimp on top

Court bouillon loosely translates as 'briefly boiled liquid' (French court or "short broth" because the cooking time is brief in comparison with a rich and complex stock, and generally is not served as part of the finished dish. Since delicate foods do not cook for very long, it is prepared before the foods are added. Typically, cooking times do not exceed 60 minutes.
Although a court bouillon may become the base for a stock or fumet, in traditional terms it is differentiated by the inclusion of acid type ingredients such as wine vinegar, or lemon juice. In addition to contributing their own flavor, acids help to draw flavors from the vegetable aromatics during the short preparation time prior to use. Court bouillon also includes salt and lacks animal gelatin.
Traditionally, court bouillion is water, salt white wine, vegetable aromatics (mire poix of carrot, onion, and celery), and flavored with bouquet garni and black pepper.
Court-bouillon need not be elaborate. Court bouillon when used to prepare lobster may be as simple as water, salt, lemon juice, and perhaps thyme and bay leaf; that for poached eggs may be salt, water, and vinegar


The Cordon Bleu Cooking School is a wonderful adventure in cooking.  You are learning from the experts. They offer day courses and week long courses. Stay at McGee's Inn and you are only a short walk from the cooking school.